ApolloX Finance

What is ApolloX Finance?


APX is the foremost decentralized exchange for crypto derivatives on BNB Chain. Offering both order book (BNB Chain, Ethereum, Arbitrum, zkSync) and on-chain perpetuals (BNB Chain, Arbitrum), APX empowers traders and stakers with unparalleled opportunities. Elevate trading with up to 750x leverage, market-lowest slippage and competitive fees. Amplify returns with the highest stablecoin percentage LP yield among perpetual trading platforms.

V1 Order Book Perp (BNB Chain, Ethereum, Arbitrum, zkSync)

Adopting an "off-chain transaction matching + on-chain fund settlement and custody" model, APX V1 Order Book Perp achieves high transaction performance and fast response speeds while ensuring the safety of users’ funds. Trade over 75 markets with up to 200x leverage and enjoy competitive fees of 0.02% maker, 0.07% taker.
Users connect their decentralized wallets to the exchange before signing and verifying the connection through a Web3 interface. They can then transfer (ERC-20/BEP-20) tokens into the smart contract for fund custody and settlement. Once the off-chain ledger is recorded, users can use the funds to trade derivatives off-chain and the PnL will be accounted for in the ledger. After settlement, users can withdraw the funds by calling the smart contract (except for the margin occupied by open positions and pending orders).
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V2 On-Chain Perp (BNB Chain, Arbitrum)

Utilizing a fully on-chain liquidity model, APX V2 On-Chain Perp achieves more transparent trades with minimal slippage. All V2 trades are executed against the ALP pool, which provides liquidity for all trading pairs to maximize capital efficiency. V2 employs a dual oracle model consisting of Binance Oracle and Chainlink for the most accurate pricing. Trade over 25 markets in multiple asset classes with up to 200x leverage, low fees and earn trading rewards. Trade with up to 750x leverage, 0 slippage and dynamic fees specially under Degen Mode.
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ApolloX DEX Engine

The ApolloX DEX Engine is a one-stop broker solution for any business looking to launch their own derivatives DEX.
With ApolloX’s core offering of perpetual futures, DEX Engine partners leverage ApolloX's stable trading infrastructure, deep liquidity, and market depth to introduce derivatives trading to their users, while earning commission on transaction fees. Partners enjoy:
  • Customizable, branded trading interface
  • Native DEX experience
  • Liquidity sharing
  • Trading fees revenue sharing
  • New token use case
  • Dedicated client support

Key Features

Dual Product Offering
Choose between V1 order book perp or V2 on-chain perp and trade the widest selection in the market.
High Leverage
Trade with up to 200x leverage for classic perps and up to 750x leverage under Degen Mode.
Minimal Slippage
Enjoy tight spreads and deep liquidity for V1's order book. Reap the benefits of 0.01% slippage for V2 on-chain perps.
Reduced Fees
Benefit from low trading fees for more profits. Stake $APX to get V1 trading discounts and boost V2 trading rewards.
Earn Yield
Stake ALP and earn from platform fees and staking rewards. Stake $APX in DAO to get more $APX.
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