ApolloX Finance

How To Participate?

Step 1: Click [Connect Wallet] to login into the ApolloX DEX platform.
Step 2: Click [APX DAO] under [Governance] to access the page. The homepage will display the total locked supply, average locked period, total power and veNFT supply.
  • Total Locked Supply: the total amount of APX staked by users participating in DAO Governance.
  • Average Locked Period: the average locked time of users participating in DAO Governance, which is equal to the sum of the locked time of all users divided by the total number of users.
  • Total Power: the sum of the power of all users currently participating in DAO Governance.
  • veNFT Supply: the amount of veNFT issued by the system.
Step 3: Click [Lock & get veNFT] to stake and enjoy multiple benefits. The amount of APX distributed by the current DAO's revenue dividends and Trading Rewards Program will also be displayed.
Staking Rewards
Users can obtain veNFT by staking APX in ApolloX DAO. The power is a proof of the user’s governance vote as well as dividend weight. ApolloX will withdraw 50,000 APX from income everyday to reward users.
Repurchase Rewards
ApolloX will set aside a portion of trading fee income every day, used to repurchase APX from the secondary market from time to time. The repurchased APX will be added into the DAO reward pool.