Features and benefits of permissionless solution


  • Deploy your perpetual exchanges seamlessly in just a few steps, with no permission required from APX Finance.

Trading fees revenue sharing

  • Earn attractive commissions from perpetual trading fee income (does not include liquidation fee, holding fee and funding fee).

Trading margin assets

  • On the BSC chain, users have the option to utilize USDT, USDC, ETH, and BTC as collateral to initiate trades. On the ARB chain, USDC.e, DAI and USDT are available as collateral. The settlement assets will be the user’s input assets. If settlement assets are insufficient, the platform will select the asset with the highest accumulated value in the liquidity pool as the settlement asset.

Liquidity sharing

  • Leverage APX Finance’s liquidity and market depth to guarantee that your traders' orders are always filled. With the counterparty ALP pool reaching $18 million in total for both BNB and Arbitrum Chains, deep liquidity is assured. APX Finance offers both classic and degen trading modes, with up to 1001x leverage available.

Native DEX experience

  • Partners have the ability to customize a domain name that aligns with their brand identity, thus personalizing the trading experience for their users.

Various Trading products

  • APX Finance provides a wide range of trading products like cryptocurrencies, forex and etc in the future.

Revenue Sharing Model

The default sharing rate is set at 10% on both the BSC and Arbitrum chains. All you need to do is to enter the receiving address during the registration process.The distribution of trading fees generated by V2 trading transactions goes as follows: 10% is allocated to the DAO, 40% goes to the ALP. Based on partners’ monthly trading volume, they are eligible to receive a tiered sharing rate.

Percentage Rebate to Partners

Partners’ Monthly Volume (USDT)


≀ 500 Million


500 Million < Volume ≀ 1 Billion


> 1 Billion

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