APX Finance

ALP Liquidity Pool

ALP is the APX Finance platform’s liquidity provider token made up of a pool of assets. Users can become liquidity providers by using any of the specified assets to buy ALP. ALP pool is the direct counterparty of V2 on-chain perp traders. There are four ALP pools: on BNB Chain, Arbitrum, opBNB and Base networks .
ALP Pool (BNB Chain): https://www.apollox.finance/en/ALP​
*To access ALP Pool on Arbitrum, opBNB and Base, kindly change to the respective network.
The initial issue price of ALP is USD$1. The net asset value of ALP is influenced by the profit or loss of the pool and income from trading fees, funding fees and liquidations. Users who mint ALP earn from platform fees which contribute to ALP net asset value. Users can also stake ALP (BNB Chain/opBNB/Base) to earn $APX staking rewards, or stake ALP (Arbitrum) in PancakeSwap's Syrup Pool to earn $CAKE rewards.
Note: After buying ALP, users cannot transfer it to other wallet addresses. Currently, only selling, staking and unstaking functions are supported.
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