ApolloX Finance

2021-2022 Roadmap

ApolloX launched in 2021 as the first hybrid CEX & DEX solution for crypto derivatives. Since then, it has grown by leaps and bounds.


Recap: Key Milestones

In Q4 2021, ApolloX launched its DEX and became the first hybrid CEX & DEX solution for crypto derivatives. 24h trading volume hit US$518,000,000, cementing ApolloX’s position in the top 5 DEXes, according to CoinMarketCap data.
ApolloX’s native utility and governance token first listed on crypto exchange PancakeSwap with a listing price of $0.0004, in December 2021. In the same month, ApolloX introduced its Trading Rewards Program and recruited its first batch of ApolloX Champs — ApolloX community volunteers.
To further make blockchain and crypto accessible to everyone, ApolloX integrated a fiat on-ramp solution in Q1 2022 supporting over 20 fiat currencies. It also launched the ApolloX DeFi Wallet in the ApolloX Mobile App.
In March 2022, ApolloX launched a series of major product updates. It opened spot trading on its CEX and partnered with leading DEX PancakeSwap to offer perpetual trading to PancakeSwap’s user base. To build its multi-chain ecosystem, ApolloX also added ERC20 network support.
ApolloX extended its perpetual trading partnership to BabySwap and Leonicorn Swap in Q1-Q2 2022. The number of APX holders grew to over 30,000 and ApolloX now has 8 local Telegram communities managed by ApolloX Champs. More importantly, ApolloX unveiled its ApolloX 2.0 plan, which included a 5.7 billion APX token burn and its transition to DAO governance.

What to Expect

In 2022, the team will further grow the ApolloX ecosystem to provide value to more crypto traders and expand the ApolloX brand.
Expect limit take profit/stop loss orders for convenient in-app trading, spot trading on DEX, DEX As A Service (DAAS) and ApolloX DAO — to name a few — in the upcoming months*.
*Roadmap may be subject to change.