⚑Staking Rewards & Repurchased Tokens

Users can view the accumulated rewards during the current period here.

Those who stake $APX in DAO can earn from a. Staking rewards and b. Repurchase rewards. APX Finance uses 50% of V1 daily fee income and 10% of V2 daily fee income to repurchase $APX tokens from the secondary market for addition into the DAO rewards pool. APX Finance aims to implement burns of these tokens in future instead.

From time to time, APX Finance also uses V2 trading income to make additional repurchases of $APX tokens from secondary markets and conduct token burns.

Rewards are distributed to veNFT holders through the FeeDistributor contract.

The contract address: 0xCa0E6DcC3B062b149CE5Cb1545aFA18BB9FB339C

The source code of the contract can be found on Github. Rewards are distributed once per cycle. The reward ratio received by each user is calculated based on the user's Power value.

The amount is calculated at the end of each cycle, based on the fees charged by the platform and the actual distribution is after the end of the second cycle.

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