❓How does it work?

Innovative Trading Model

The ALP pool provides liquidity for all V2 trading pairs to maximize capital efficiency. Users who mint ALP participate in the market-making of V2 perpetual contracts. ALP net asset value (NAV) is correlated with the profit and loss (PnL) of the ALP pool β€” ALP price rises or falls as a result. Platform fees also contribute to boosting ALP NAV.

V2 Features

Market-Highest Leverage

Trade with high leverage for more buying power. Enjoy up to 250x leverage for crypto perps, up to 200x leverage for forex perps, and up to 1001x leverage for BTCUSD and ETHUSD.

Low Fees & Slippage

Enjoy competitive fees, funding payments and trading incentives when trading. See this for more information.

More Security

Utilizing price feeds from both Binance Oracle and Chainlink helps avoid abnormal price behavior in the event of manipulation or lack of liquidity from the source platforms of either oracle. This mitigates the risk of unexpected liquidations on APX Finance.

Non-Custodial Platform

As compared to centralized exchanges, DEX traders are the custodians of their own funds. They do not have to manually deposit and withdraw on the platform to trade. APX DEX also does not have the ability to manage, increase or reduce users’ trading positions unless they are being liquidated due to market volatility.

Capital Efficiency

Trading pairs on the platform share liquidity via the ALP pool. Hence, it is not required to separately add liquidity for each newly listed trading pair. Capital efficiency is maximized and users can open bigger position sizes.

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