🌑️Temperature Check

This is a preliminary vote that gauges the community’s interest in a proposed topic before it moves on to the next stage. This allows us to gather the necessary consensus and sentiment in order to create an official proposal. However, if the temperature check turns out to not be in favour of pursuing the topic further, it will be closed.

Only APX stakers in APX DAO with power value more than 5 million are able to create proposals.

Proposal creation process

(Note: users whose minimum power value requirement are not met will not be considered for their proposal submissions)

2. APX team will consolidate the proposed topic submissions.

3. Proposed topics will be polled on Discord.

(Note: users will have 1 day to discuss and vote on the topics. The topic that gets more than 70% of the majority votes will be chosen as the official proposal for voting)

4. Users will need to cast their votes for the official proposal through Snapshot.

Proposal Standard

Remark: In the event that proposals carry ill intention, are misleading or are not aligned with the community’s interests and APX’s values; or are trying to create a negative impact to the project in any instances, such proposals will be voided.

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