⛓️Trading on V2

This section helps you to navigate APX Finance V2.

APX V2 is a fully on-chain perpetual trading product. Users can trade on the platform without registration or depositing funds. All V2 transactions are executed on-chain. Those who hold or stake ALP can earn platform trading fee income and staking rewards.

V2 Trading supports BNB Chain, Arbitrum, opBNB and Base networks.


V2 Metrics (BNB Chain): https://dune.com/apollox/alp-v2-metrics

V2 Metrics (Arbitrum): https://dune.com/apollox/alp-v2-arb

V2 Metrics (opBNB): https://dune.com/apollox/alp-v2-opbnb

V2 Metrics (Base): https://dune.com/apollox/alp-v2-base

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