APX Finance
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How To Participate?

Step 1: Click [Connect Wallet] to login into the APX DEX platform.
Step 2: Click [APX DAO] under [Governance] to access the page. The homepage will display the total locked supply, average locked period, total power and veNFT supply.
  • Total Locked Supply: the total amount of $APX staked by users participating in DAO Governance.
  • Average Locked Period: the average locked time of users participating in DAO Governance, which is equal to the sum of the locked time of all users divided by the total number of users.
  • Total Power: the sum of the power of all users currently participating in DAO Governance.
  • veNFT Supply: the amount of veNFT issued by the system.
Step 3: Click [Lock & get veNFT] to stake and enjoy multiple benefits. The amount of $APX distributed by the current DAO's revenue dividends and Trading Rewards Program will also be displayed.
Staking Rewards
Users can obtain veNFT by staking $APX in APX DAO. The power is a proof of the user’s governance vote as well as dividend weight. APX Finance will withdraw 50,000 $APX from income everyday to reward users.
Repurchase Rewards
APX Finance will set aside a portion of trading fee income every day, used to repurchase $APX from the secondary market from time to time. The repurchased $APX will be added into the DAO reward pool.