🍁2023 Roadmap


  • Permissionless DEX Engine: Following the success of the APX DEX Engine broker solution, APX plans to launch the Permissionless DEX Engine SDK. Any DeFi project will be able to independently integrate the SDK to set up their own derivatives platform.

  • More Perpetual Types: Look forward to high volatility contracts on APX DEX! Profit even when mainstream crypto markets trade sideways.

  • New Trading Mode on V2: Like predicting prices? APX will launch a new trading mode for those looking for a fun time! More details to be announced.

  • Higher Leverage: APX will consider feedback from traders and may increase Degen Mode’s maximum leverage (currently 750x) for maximum thrill and gains.

  • Continue to Expand Multichain Ecosystem: APX committed to building a multi-chain ecosystem since its launch. After V1’s integration with Base network, we plan to integrate V2 with Base, and will continue to add support for promising and in-demand chains.

  • Telegram Trading Bot: The 1001 Trading Bot, developed in partnership with 1001 Trading Bot developers, will be launched. The bot is uniquely tailored for trading perpetuals on APX Degen Mode for the convenience of traders.

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