🐸Degen Trading Mode

500x/750x/1001x Leverage, 0 Open Position Fee, 0-0.01% Slippage

The Degen Trading Mode offers traders high-leverage perpetual trading. During periods of high volatility, traders can maximize their gains with high leverage and extremely low fees. In low volatility, traders can speculate on minor price movements.

Degen Trading Mode is currently available for BTCUSD and ETHUSD, supporting a max. leverage of 1001x for both long and short market orders. Traders will need to input the principal (collateral amount) before opening a position. There is zero slippage for BTCUSD, the slippage for ETHUSD is 0.01%.

Features of Degen mode:

  • Lower price slippage

In Degen mode, enjoy 0 slippage for BTCUSD and 0.01% slippage ETHUSD. Under Classic mode, trading pairs have either fixed slippage or dynamic slippage.

  • 0 opening fee

In Degen mode (500x, 750x or 1001x leverage for BTCUSD and ETHUSD), trading fees do not apply for opening orders. For classic trading pairs and leverage < 500x for BTCUSD and ETHUSD, 0.08% trading fees are applicable.

  • Dynamic closing fee for Degen mode

A dynamic PnL fee will be applied for closing positions. This fee is designed to charge fees based on PnL and protect users from losses. For more information, please check here.

  • Unable to add margin to positions

Unlike Classic mode, traders currently cannot add margin to open positions under Degen mode. Traders are advised to monitor the risks and practice responsibility while trading.


Access Degen Mode directly from the trading interface. Click on the leverage icon to the right of the screen to adjust leverage.

Traders need to input the principal amount manually and select the take profit percentage. The Max Net Profit ROI will be around 500% for 500x and 750x, and 300% for 1001x.

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