How to Whitelist APX Emails?

You can follow the instructions below to whitelist APX emails if your email provider is recognising emails from APX as spam and sending them to your junk folder.


1. Log in to your Gmail account and go to [Settings] -> [See all settings].

2. Go to [Filters and Blocked Addresses] tab. Click [Create a new filter].

3. Copy and paste the official APX email addresses to the [From] field and click [Create filter].

Addresses to whitelist:

4. Lastly, check the box next to [Never send it to Spam] and click [Create filter] to complete the settings.


1. Log in to your Outlook email and go to [Settings] -> [View all Outlook settings].

2. Click [Email] [Junk email]. You will see [Safe senders and domains].

3. Click [Add] and copy and paste the list of official APX emails below, then click [Save] to save your settings.

Addresses to whitelist:

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