❓How to Adjust the Margin Balance in Cross/Isolated Margin Modes

1. In isolated margin mode, you can click the Edit icon in the Positions panel at the bottom of the Futures Trading interface to adjust the margin for your current position.

2. Confirm the amount of margin that you would like to transfer-in/out, then click [Confirm].

How do I calculate the maximum amount that I can transfer in/out in Cross and Isolated Margin modes?

Cross Margin Mode:

When your wallet balance is not being used for cross collateral, you can use the following two formulas to calculate your maximum amount in Cross Margin mode:

  • Cross Wallet Balance β€” βˆ‘ Isolated Open Position Initial Margin β€” Cross Position Maintenance Margin

For wallets with Unrealized PnL, the maximum withdrawal amount must not exceed the following formula:

  • Cross Wallet Balance + Ξ£ Cross Unrealized PnL β€” Ξ£ Cross Initial Margin β€” Ξ£ Isolated Open Position Initial Margin

Isolated Margin Mode:

Formulas for calculating the maximum asset transfer-in/transfer-out amounts for USDβ“ˆ-M Perpetual Futures:

Maximum transfer-in amount for Isolated Margin:

  • min (Cross Wallet Balance β€” βˆ‘ Isolated Open Position Initial Margin β€” βˆ‘ Cross Position Maintenance Margin, Available Balance)

Maximum transfer-out amount for Isolated Margin:

  • max (0, min (Isolated Wallet Balance β€” Isolated Position Maintenance Margin, Isolated Wallet Balance + Size Γ— (Mark Price β€” Entry Price) β€” Mark Price Γ— Abs (Size) Γ— Initial Margin Rate)

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