ApolloX Finance

ApolloX Team

ApolloX was designed by ordinary people with extraordinary values. We are a dynamic team of crypto enthusiasts from traditional financial institutions, tech companies and top crypto exchanges. By lowering barriers of entry, we want to make crypto accessible to everyone in the public, not only traders and quants.

Meet the ApolloX Core Team

ApolloX Captain: Founder

Captain is Founder of ApolloX. In 2021, Captain launched ApolloX to fulfill demand for an accessible and sophisticated trading solution on BNB Chain. An active player with more than 10 years of experience in traditional finance and crypto industries, the Captain is scaling the ApolloX ecosystem from zero to one, and from one to beyond, for generations of crypto traders to come.

Venus: Operations Lead

As Operations Lead at ApolloX, Venus supervises the day-to-day running of the ApolloX exchange and has over 5 years of rich experience in crypto, including a stint at crypto exchange MEXC Global. Venus acts as a connection point between ApolloX stakeholders to drive the operational cadence of activities and help ApolloX scale.

Katherine: Growth Lead

Katherine is Growth Lead at ApolloX. Katherine worked in business marketing across different industries for over 6 years. Prior to joining ApolloX, Katherine also worked for one of the top crypto exchanges. Katherine is brand guardian of the ApolloX ecosystem. She leads strategic multi-platform initiatives to advance ApolloX’s branding within the global crypto community.

Damien: BD Lead

Damien oversees the development and execution of company-wide strategy to grow ApolloX’s business worldwide. As BD Lead, he manages all aspects of regional business development activities and generates new partnerships with other crypto firms. Having worked as BD in the crypto industry for several years, Damien is always seeking the best ways to drive adoption and engagement of the ApolloX exchange.

Saturn: Product Lead

Saturn brings over 10 years of expertise in strategic product direction as Product Lead at ApolloX. Saturn manages the full ApolloX product suite and is responsible for driving new capabilities and initiatives to benefit the ApolloX ecosystem. Previously a quant trader for derivatives at one of the largest hedge funds for many years, Saturn is now the subject matter expert of the crypto landscape across ApolloX markets.

Neptune: Tech Lead

Neptune is Tech Lead at ApolloX. Neptune is responsible for designing, building and maintaining ApolloX’s robust system and trading architecture. An ex-Binance blockchain architect, Neptune draws from extensive experience as a full stack developer and entrepreneurial experience in the design and development of Bitcoin mining chips and mining machines.