APX Finance


Note: APX Finance is revamping its tokenomics. The information on this page may be outdated.

APX Allocation

To provide users with a better platform experience by exploring user-centric metrics that will help fulfill our vision of web 3.0, APX Finance launched a token burn plan as below. A total of 5,755,000,000 APX tokens were burnt in April 2022.
Before Burn
After Burn
Burnt Amount
Retroactive Mining Rewards
350,000,000 APX
350,000,000 APX
N/A (fully released)
List on PancakeSwap
250,000,000 APX
250,000,000 APX
N/A (fully released)
User Trading Rewards
4,400,000,000 APX
2,100,000,000 APX
2,300,000,000 APX
Marketing & Partnership
500,000,000 APX
400,000,000 APX
100,000,000 APX
Community Treasury
4,455,000,000 APX
1,100,000,000 APX
3,355,000,000 APX
10,000,000,000 APX
4,200,000,000 APX
5,755,000,000 APX

Allocation Details

50.00% (2,000,000,000 APX) to users as Trading Rewards and Liquidity Provider Rewards for 10 years:

  • 1,800,000,000 APX to the Trading Rewards Program and Leaderboard Rewards. From the third year, production will be halved and 15,000,000 APX will be released every month; From the sixth year, production will be reduced to 9,000,000 APX per month until the trading rewards are fully released;
  • 164,250,000 APX to Liquidity Providers of APX. From the third year, the output will be halved to 2,281,250 APX per month until the liquidity provider rewards are fully released;
  • 135,750,000 APX to Future Products Launch.
26.20% (1,100,000,000 APX) to Community Treasury:
Community Treasury will be locked and will not be released to the market at the beginning. It will be used for the launch of new products (such as Gamefi, Socialfi, DAO voting and etc.) in the future;

9.50% (400,000,000 APX) to Marketing & Partnerships:

Linear vesting for 5 years;

8.30% (350,000,000 APX) to users who have been with us since our early days and complete certain milestones (Retroactive Mining Rewards);

6.00% (250,000,000 APX) to list on PancakeSwap.